Saturday, October 30, 2004


Hurray, winter is coming, and everybody'll sleep an hour more.

Now, where to buy a nice coat to get THROUGH the winter...

My parents left a few days ago, and with no appointments to look out for the future looks a bit empty, but not in a threathening way, one or two weeks on my own will be nice again, and of course I do know SOME people here, so I certainly won't be completely alone.
Christmas is right around the corner anyhow, and I'll be coming home for a while then.

In the meantime I'm mostly enjoying the album Acda en de Munnik - Hier Zijn. Furthermore of course I'm still exploring Paris, and I plan on doing something with a Dutch girl I met here.

There's not much to tell really, as allways.

Bon courage mes amis.


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