Thursday, September 30, 2004

I've ALMOST been here for a month now

just another week

As I've said before leaving, time is passing me by far to quickly. On the other hand, if it keeps speeding by this fast Hana and Irma will be here soon. Just three more weeks.. less actually.

Anyway, they're coming by for sure, and I sure as hell look forward to it, even though they'll just be here for a few days. Right after that my parents will be coming, another joyfull happening. When will the next batch of people dying to see me be here? Eva & Laura, I'm waiting.

(a guy with the same h&m sweater walks by, good thing I decided on something else today)

I must say that I'd love to be home again, yet I'm also enjoying myself here. My French is "getting better all the time" (- the beatles), which makes working a lot nicer, I can have conversations with my Russian college who doesn't speak English. I also found out that all the receptionists are really nice, even though my direct superior dislikes me standing near the reception desk instead of near the restaurant(even though the restaurant is empty at such times)

You'll be seeing me on internet even more too, as I've bought a 150 hour pass, I won't be imposing any restraints now.

A few days ago I visited rue de Douai, in which the majority of music shops is centered, there were THREE shops which had just basses, and nothing else. Even though they mostly had the usual Warwick's Fender's and Ibanizes, I saw some really rare basses. The following names will mean nothing to most people, but it's my weblog. I saw a Ritter, several Foderas, a Epiphone Jack Cassady(which I also played), a Rob Allen, nogueria's(some french brand.. looked really nice), a really nice collection of music man's, including the bongo's, an amazing amount of vintage fender's(from the 60's even). And quite a lot of other really expensive basses, including very nice looking EUB's.

My bass doesn't get a lot of playing time, just because I have to store it out of my view, also, plugging everything is a menace because of the limited space. My TV would be much more usefull if it'd be up on the wall, instead of on my table, my bass should be up on the wall too I think...

This message is coming to an end now, but first I'd like to share a website with y'all:
take a look, and take care


At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hallo lieve Ate, dit is een anonymous comment van jeanine de mama van Alice en Karel en Iris.. Hoop dat je me nog herinnert, altijd een zwak voor je gehad weet je wel... leuke site, ben jaloers op je vooral je frans spreken. Was zaterdag met Karel op de onderwijsbeurs in de Martinihal en zag daar mijn droom: frans studeren, kan in 4 jaar, zal ik dat doen en dat op het pg lerares worden? Ik heb er wel veel zin in, maar ja. Karel was vooral geinteresseerd in maritiem officier of piloot en eventueel in Maastricht moleculaire levensvragen, dat is booming wetenschap these days. Lies en Karen hebben nu ook werk als verkooopsters aan de deur van energie. Hard werken zeggen met 'smorgen peptalk van de bazen. Mooie ervaring lijkt me. Lachen... groeten van Jeanine


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