Monday, September 20, 2004

ne me quitte pas, dear devout readers

- Jacques Brel

My French still sucks, can't help it. Understanding French might be getting better, ah well patience IS a virtue.

Also, I still need to meet more people, it just seems like a hard thing to do when your completely alone. I do have confidence that it'll be getting better soon. Veronica(a Russian stagiare(sp?)) seems to fancy the idea of having me and her english roommate meet, she made me talk to her on the phone.. ah well.
The primary reason for this neeting would be the fact that I speak English, and the English roommate as well. But I won't be seeing Veronica till Friday, so that's no immediate help.

By the way, if you have the need to send me mail(you know, the kind that you actually have to put in an envelope), e-mail me so I can give you the proper adress(I know I gave my adress to a few of you back home, but that won't quite work for mail) my e-mail is:

This french keyboard honestly is the worst thing ever happening to mankind, seriously, for an @ I have to press control-alt-à
and every numer is shift plus & or " or ( or è or something
furthermore the keys are laid out a bit like querty, but completely screwed.

Actually I don't know what to write, there's nothing out of the extraordinary happening that would be worthwhile to tell. Furthermore I wrote some people a lengthy letter, and I'm rather to lazy to rewrite all of it. By the way, did it finish up in Ten Post Irma?(and did you try to call me last week? shall I get back to you?)

I did get a membership to most of the Paris' library's (but not the largest, Francois Mitterand), I red through Ian McEwan's 370 pages of atonement in two days, definatly something to read. Now, I'm starting in Lord of the Rings in French, I thought it would be easier to read a book I knew well. I'd be lost already if I hadn't read it before.

That's all for now I think, take care!


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