Wednesday, September 01, 2004


George Orwell worked in Paris as a Plongeur(dishwasher), his book 'Down And Out In Paris And London' is about it. At the time(20's-30's) he was a journalist, and hadn't published a book before, no-one knew him. During his stay in Paris he suddenly found himself penniless, he only had his room(for another month or so) and his personal belongings. That's where the book starts of, anyway after a while he becomes a plongeur(the lowliest job in a hotel or restaurant to be had). A great book. Anyway, the hotel he worked at should be located very close to the hotel I will be working. Is it a sign????
possible signs:
A. You're job will suck, you will have to sell all your clothes and your room will be invested by all kinds of bugs... Oh yeah, don't trust the Russians
B. You're born to be a writer
C. No sign

We'll see what the future planned for me.

On a more down to earth note...
For all those that might come by... I'm actually not allowed to have visitors without notifying the concierge(or whatever she is), so I don't know if it will at all be possible.

Besides, I will be working 43 hours a week, with two days free a week, that's two nine hour days and three eight hour ones. Still, I'd love for most people to come by... Who knows what will be possible.


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