Tuesday, September 14, 2004

First post in Paris

So... Well... What to say.

It's quite overwhelming to say the least. But let me tell everything in chronological order.

Back in the Netherlands, the last day was closed by a party given by two close friends of mine who will be traveling through Australia en Southern America. It was nice to see most of my friends together for the last time. But the departure was hard, survived it though.

The trip to Paris went smoothly, not much to tell.

My room is owned by great people, they are very friendly and helpfull, I couldn't have found better owners. The room itself is...petit and a bit cramped. I was told it would be 6 m2, luckily it was more like 8 m2. 8 square meter including the following: one bed, one shower cabin, one table, one closet which isn't really much help, and a kitchen(sink, two cooking plates(how do you call them) and a little space for preparing meals.) On the table also resides a television, though I'm thinking about having it taken away; it takes a lot of space. I guess the room is ok, yet the window is a little small for my taste. The walls could use a paint job too, and the toilet should be changed from the prehistoric hole in the ground which it basically is into a modern one, for which you don't need to follow a course in acrobatics, the light doesn't work either(don't go to the toilet at night!).

The work is quite ok, the colleagues are too. I might go into greater detail later, but it's not that exciting.

The hardest part of living in Paris is not knowing anyone beside the hotel staff and the room owners. But I'm hoping this will change coming weeks, I should give it some time. Fortunatly this morning, at my first course french I met a Dutch girl, also completely new in Paris, we agreed that we should get together sometime soon, have to plan around our schedules though.

Paris itself is great, I've already seen a lot, but still there's enough to be seen yet.

Homesickness does respresent itself, fortunatly nothing bad, just a little feeling sometimes. Work is good, it gives me something to do.
At the moment I haven't got a clue to write about, so I'll let it rest for now.



At 8:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karen: hehe eindelijk een teken van leven! hoe is het met je? je klinkt en beetje down, of lijkt dat maar zo. heb je het naar je zin op je werk? wij hebben ook nog niemand ontmoet hier hoor dus ik neem aan dat dat na een paar week pas gebeurt. maar wij hebben natuurlijk wel elkaar... dont drown in lonelyness! weet dat wij aan je denken! ik mail snel. kusje

At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ate!!! wat leuk om ook wat van jou te horen! fijn dat je kamer toch beter is dan je had gedacht.. Bij ons is het ook echt veel beter dan we gedacht hadden, k weenie of je een beetje op onze weblogs gekeken hebt, maar daar staat best veel(ook foto's). Waarschijnlijk ben je nu ik dit typ aan t werk (t is bij jullie nu 8.15) of hoef je niet zo vroeg op?
Ik wens jeheel veel plezier, en we mailen! of anders commenten we op elkaars weblog ;)


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