Thursday, September 23, 2004

I hate french keyboards

They're killing me, ah well, next year I won't want anything else.

I'm feeling quite good at the moment, even though last night was crazy at work, a group of Dutch(that was nice) came in for dinner at 21.45, normally we close at 22 when there are no clients there, also, there were 7 people, normally we get 4 or 5 in the whole evening. And the bastards gave a tip of one Euro. Ah well, I just had to work an hour longer, no problem, and the hard work was a welcome change from the dull evenings we normally have.

They were kinda nice. Karen would've loved beeing there, it was a group of filmers who were going to shoot for Dutch television at the Paris Motor Plaza or something, they talked most of the night about what kind of camera they were going to use, and Karen would've been interested in the big proffessional camera's they were carrying.

Also, I bought a new mobile, I'm not going to post the number freely on the internet, but just mail if I haven't mailed you the new number.

My parents will be coming by in thez end of october, they hired an appartement... right in the middle of the Marais, THE gay area. But it's said to be just a normal hip area as well, you just have to be wary of any rainbow flags or triangle signs above cafe entrances and not enter those establishments. I look forward to seeing some family.

I really enjoy reading everyone's little posts and mails.(Nienke sla Irma gewoon, ze moet 'm gewoon even doorgeven(als ze hem heeft kunnen ontcijferen))

That's it for today, have a nice week.


At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha die Ate, We hebben net vanmiddag de naam van je site door gekregen van je vader. Toevalligerwijs nu we net aan het kijken zijn op je site belt hij net aan. De groeten dus van je vader. Best een mooie wijk de Marais, vooral het Picasso Museum. Heb je wel tijd om Parijs te bekijken? We hebben weer een leuk buurtfeest gehad op 11 september. Verder is het maar goed dat je elders woont, er huist een rattenkolonie onder onze huizen zoals je al wel zult hebben vernomen. Kortom de buurt is er op achteruitgegaan sinds jouw vertrek.
greetingzzzzzzzzzzz Jelle, Elbrich, Sybrand en Marianne
PS Vind je de Beatles nou echt leuk????


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