Monday, September 27, 2004

small post

Just a little post, there isn't a lot to tell. I'm ok, work is oke, I will get the 23rd of October of Mieke.

Irma I recieved your letter, have read it all save for the last part. I got woken by the mail man knocking on the door though, sucked.

I'm thinking of just getting an 100 hour pass to this internet cafe so I'll be able to net for a Euro an Hour, that's not bad. And the crowd here is nice, as I'm close to the sorbonne.

I really have to get my French together though, because I'll probably be promoted to the reception desk when my French is good. Reception desk means nicer work (I like serving, I don't like preparing food and cleaning the kitchen), and better money (every time reception calls a cab for a customer they get 12 Euro, good bussiness, last week there was one guy who got like 60 Euro)

But French is hard.


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mieke: Hoi Ate, goed dat je de 23e vrij bent.Weet je nog een speciaal authentiek Nederlands iets dat je mist in dat kleine petieterige franse rotstadje ;) dan neem ik dat voor je mee.


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