Saturday, September 25, 2004


When my parents brought me and my stuff here they made some photos, here they are.

that's me in my working clothes back in the Netherlands, at the hotel I also zear this jacket kind of thing, don't know how to call it, and a tie of course.

the corridor outside my room, not really much to see here


me in my room, as viewed from the entrance

me and my mother

and again

MY WINDOW, a bit smallish...

the building's front door

and again, so original

the complete building

the pavement

the entrance to my hotel

me sipping wine

that's all, I've made some photo's myself, but wouldn't know how to upload them without the cable...
They should be coming at the end of october.

As you can see there's not much space, so I'd love for most of you to come by, but it's quite cramped.

I measured it up and if I put the table against the sink an inflatable bed would fit, but it'd be hard :p


At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey ate, wat goed om je alive and kicking te zien in parijs! en ik had het idd heel cool gevonden om die mensen te zien met camera's (had toch met jou mee naar parijs moeten gaan en niet met alice mee de wereld rond, ze smst tocht alleen maar met matthijs:) geintje lieve lies:)
het gaat heel goed hier, heeel warm alleen en nog steeds geen werk maar we slapen veel enzo. kuskus en duim voor werk voor ons!!!


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