Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Post 12, Imktje was here

Not that she'll be writing this, she's probably forgotten the adress of this site again anyway.

But she WAS here. And it was great, I won't be going into details of what I've shown her around here, though she seemed to like the eiffel tower a LOT. By the way Imktje, after you left, the clouds dissappeared, and the sun was shining, bad luck.
I didn't really know her before, she was a girl who I'd see at a party for a few hours, and then we didn't meet for months. Too bad, because it's been really good getting to know her. It also really lifted my spirit. The day started slow, as I was travelling with her to the train station, we were really afraid of missing the train, the RER didn't seem to be going at any speed, but the worrying was completely unnescessary as it turned out. That was the worst moment this weekend(oh, and also when she scared me to death by saying she had to validate the tickets with a credit card, which she didn't have, turned out she was mistaken, and she realized after half a minute... a really long and agonizing minute. Of course it wasn't the prospect of having to be with Imktje longer than nescessary, you probably guessed, but I figured it might be wise to clarify anyway.

At the moment I am awaiting some phonecalls. Parents, call, Laura, I told you to call, so, call. All other calls are welcome to, anytime, anyday. As long as you don't fucking wake me, I need some sleep right?

I think my French is really starting to become somewhat ok. Feels good.

Don't know of anything else to write, maybe I'll update in just a few minutes, maybe not.

Take care,


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