Thursday, October 07, 2004

One month, two days.

Doesn't feel like a month really. Yet, if I look back on last month, the first week is like ages ago. At the moment, everything is as good as it gets. Well not entirely, but I'm quite ok really. My French IS still getting better, and my colleagues(sp) seem to think so too.

Two days ago, as I was sitting in an internet cafe some girl next to me was talking English to an employee with a huge Dutch accent. Turned out to be that she was a Dutch girl, desperatly searching for a room here. At the moment she had been living in a hotel for a week, but as it was too expensive she had to move out the next day (yesterday). Well as it went, we did find a nice room, albeeit VERY expensive, but I guess her parents were happy to support her, I don't yet know if she has gotten the room, it wouldn't have been available for another nine days. Meanwhile she'll be sleeping in a youth hostel, though she didn't like the prospect of having to share a room with complete strangers. But she'll be ok.

Furthermore, Imktje is coming by this weekend, it has been a bit of a hassle planning everything, but it turned out to be possible. My room will be rather cramped for a few days, but that's just a minor discomfort. The house-owner, well she didn't like it much, but it was ok for once, as long as I didn't invite friends every now and then, just this once. Besides, for everybody coming by, there are a lot of cheap hotels and hostels.(there is a hotel on one of the islands(completely in the center of Paris) on a very nice square in a 400 year old building, in which you can get a 2 person room for like 20-30 Euro's a night, not much of a luxury thing going probably, but you don't have to sleep in a dorm)

So, are any of you jealous jet? If so, say so, and tell me what you're jealous about most.. OR ask me to take pictures of something you want to see, my parents will be coming by in a while, and I'll be able to post some more pictures then. Just make a can be anything, as I don't have to oblige..anyting about my room perhaps?

That's it for today, Au Revoir

- Your buddy in Paris


At 10:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

karen: hey lieve atetje, goed om te horen dat het goed met je gaat! wij zitten hier nu ook alweer een maand! lang he. we werken op dit moment heel erg hard dus weinig tijd voor andere dingen maar we denken wel aan je hoor. en er is post naar je onderweg...kus ook van alice!
ps. op mijn weblogs/website staat een advertentie van blair die echt te cool is...


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